Hello there!
My name is Anne Miller.

I am a web developer and cat lover from the greater Boston, MA area.

About Me

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Born and raised in New England - I've always been intrigued by the world of technology and web development but never saw myself in that field. Fast-forward 17 years, I lost my job during COVID-19, so here I am diving into Front-End Development!

With a diversified background in special education, fitness, compliance, network marketing, and customer service, I have a detail-oriented mindset, compassion and understanding of the online customer experience.

Classic HTML | Elegant CSS | Git & GitHub | Startups | Adaptability

My Portfolio

grid of vision board photos

My Vision Board
This one-page display shows my skills working with block elements in HTML and background styling with CSS.

website with green beans for header

My Food Truck
This multi-page website for a fictional food truck shows my HTML & CSS skills in grid and block elements.

simple recipe card

Recipe Collection
This one-page site demonstrates my HTML & CSS skills with block elements, backgrounds and images.